The atheist scientist as irrational

So, there you are, a scientist, impressed by the anti-religious fervor of the likes of Dawkins, believing that science can do away with God. You’re an atheist, in the sense that you believe there is no God, and that science licenses this conclusion.

But then, you’re also irrational. If you think God is outside the realm of the testable, science does not give you reason to believe anything about a potential God: neither that he exists nor that he doesn’t. If you believe God is in the realm of the empirical, science shows you a lack of evidence (which, as the famous saying goes, is not evidence of absence) and again leaves you without any reason to believe anything about God one way or the other.

In the current situation, therefore, you cannot both be rational and an atheist. The perfect scientist is agnostic.

  1. But more importantly, I am a gnostic atheist for your specific proposition. Mainly because you have not made a rational proposition. We could substitute the word “GERBEDYGO” for “God” in your argument and we would have no less of an irrational proposition than the one you made. To claim I am an irrational atheist because I reject belief in something that has been given literally 0 operational definition, is itself irrational. I specifically reject all operational definitions of gods so far presented to me, you are not presenting any of them, but trying to claim unapproachable hypothesis by simply not making one.

    To declare oneself A-theist is to declare oneself not a theist. Removing operational definition from a god hypothesis doesn’t make the argument default unknown because it is untestable; it makes it irrational because nothing is being proposed by using words with no agreed upon meaning. Thus the default position would be to reject an irrational statement.

  2. Linkerman said:

    Replace “god” with “unicorn” and see how you sound.

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